About Us



In 1995, the Fred Brown family made the decision to divide International Distribution, Inc. into several companies.  TSL Transportation, Inc. previously began operations in 1992, but then became part of the International Group of Companies.  Touted as a next generation brokerage firm, Mr. Brown appointed a veteran employee as his new Transportation Director.  The new director had transportation experience, familiarity with the company’s day-to-day business, and innovative ideas on how to get the job done.  With the assistance of 2 other dispatchers, the fledgling company grew with its sister companies and now employs a staff of 5 knowledgeable employees that dispatches 70% of all deliveries and pickups for International Food Products Corp. and International Ingredients Corp.

Both International Food Products Corp and International Ingredients Corp are service orientated companies and operate on a “just in time” basis.  To meet the challenges the sister companies presented, hundreds of carriers were set-up to meet delivery and pickup demands and hundreds of unreliable carriers were deleted from TSL’s carrier files.  One of the company’s principles is to always cultivate a trustworthy relationship with its carriers.

Today, TSL dispatches, on average, 65 loads daily and that includes vans, hoppers, tank wagons, pneumatics, intermodal, and less-then-truck-load deliveries.  In 2013, they dispatched carriers to haul a total of 14,093 pickups and deliveries.  TSL consistently keeps it competitive edge by excelling in all dealings with in-house customers, outside customers, and suppliers.


International Transport, Inc. began business as a trucking company in January, 1995, and operates a fleet of 7 over-the-road trucks, 2 day cabs, and a trailer fleet of 20, 53 foot van trailers, and 6 dedicated, 45 foot van trailers.  They are a private carrier committed to hauling freight for International Food Products Corporation and International Ingredient Corporation; however, they are credentialed as a common and contract carrier.

The staff of 9 highly qualified professional drivers has over 200 years of combined driving experience; and as employees of International Transport, a combined total of 95 years.  All drivers can take pride in their outstanding safety records and all have above average knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  As professionals, ITI drivers have an exceptional on-time delivery and pickup ratio, and they accomplish this without jeopardizing hours-of-service regulations.

The International Transport fleet manager can claim experience of 18 years in the trucking industry.  He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of trucking company business, including, but not limited to, dispatching, equipment maintenance, evaluations, financial reporting, dealing with vendors, brokers, and possibly the most important job of all, good will ambassador.

In addition, the company has a DOT satisfactory rating given by the Department of Transportation, and it meets all requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with emphasis on the following:  drug and alcohol testing, licensing, financial responsibility, driver qualifications, safety and health, and equipment compliance.